Hey, Anthem Blue Cross: "Nothing else I purchase increases in cost this much."


Because I will be using #My2K to pay for my second double-digit Anthem Blue Cross premium increase (25%), I felt compelled to post this L.A. Times letter to the editor, because our voices matter:

Re "Anthem plans average rate hike of 18%," Business, Nov. 28

Anthem Blue Cross' spokesman may blame his company's rising costs on the economic downturn, which he says causes people to avoid buying insurance. But as a longtime Anthem policyholder, that's not the reason I've thought about dropping coverage. Plain and simple, it's Anthem's double-digit rate increases. Nothing else I purchase increases in cost this much.

Not too long ago, I received a tiny refund check because Anthem failed to meet the minimum requirement that 80% of premiums go toward medical costs. Maybe Anthem should start getting more efficient before blaming everyone else for why policyholders are leaving.

Steven Coker

Los Angeles