Wednesday Links


HEYLO! That's a wake up.

The German career website with some of the weirdest ads ever

In Truman's day, this was tofurkey for a meatless Thanksgiving

India's poster boy for vegetarianism – he's just fathered a child at 96

Video- Man vs. escalator

Pictured: The cap that is being lowered into place to protect the world from Chernobyl's crumbling tomb

Gender pay gap is eroding, especially among younger women, US data show

Farmers spray EU parliament with milk

Movie Remakes That Improve Upon The Original Classics

The five faddy diets you SHOULDN'T follow if you want to lose weight in the New Year

Steampunk's Guide to Sex

The 'Star Trek' style touchscreen classroom of the future that's set to replace books and blackboards

Shark socks that appear to be devouring your legs

Sweden's Pirate Party doubles membership

How much do you know about poinsettias?

Goldy locks! Now you can dye your HAIR gold - and it'll glow fluorescent red in a nightclub

Thanksgiving Day by the numbers: 10 mind-stuffing facts