Monday Links


If I'm going to have a cocktail, it might as well be from a Faberge egg.

How about a £4,500 gold-plated Faberge-inspired vodka set from the net's most exclusive shopping site?

Lesbian Republicans speak out to win others to GOP

Lucky 13: Delightful litter of rare puppies which will soon boast dreadlocks instead of fluffy coats are first born in UK for six years

Oh nothing, just rare video of a polar bear mom nursing her cubs

Lincoln's Barber

Lasers document famous synagogue outside Philly

Guns at work in Alabama? Legislation would allow workers to pack heat to and from job

Rise of the 'cyberwill' to tie up your online affairs: New document could instruct executors to close Facebook account or hand on passwords

The man who remade Mexico City

Top Up-and-Comers for Democrats and Republicans

An electric vehicle made of wicker?

Earliest Hitchcock film now streaming