Annual Holiday Cool Things


We have a holiday tradition here at TPC: Free promotion for our readers’ creations and small businesses.

For the past couple years we’ve been lucky enough for people to want us to check out their stuff– books, art work, soaps, charitable groups, good causes, you name it– that they are proudly looking to promote. If there’s a site that we like or think others will like, we’re more than happy to add that in, or even a photo of what you produce. Note- If you have a promo copy or sample to send. that helps. Caveat emptor, we rec not guarantee!

Charitable Organizations-

Pet Refuge- My local no kill shelter. They are incredibly dedicated folks who volunteer to save the huge numbers of unwanted, abused and homeless animals. They also sponsor a low cost spay and neuter clinic on donations only. Good people doing good deeds.

2012 Reservation Propane Drive- The poorest demographic on Indian reservations are looking towards another winter with no funds for heat. Steady your spine and read about it here.

From the super duper Cat, we have Secret Sandy, helping kids from Hurricane Sandy. Hat tip to Bryce Covert from the The Nation. Story about them here.

So Others Might Eat in DC Great services; emphasis on dignity.

Jack tweets us to go check out The Hunter School, a non profit learning space for ADD, ADHD and Asperger's Syndrome children.

Charity for the holidays Benevolent. Micro grants to low income families.


What a fun book!! Ms Lamont emailed me months ago and wondered if I'd be interested in reading her new book, "Wright for America" and what a find!! Too many characters will be familiar to us wonks, but it makes it all that more fun. Ever want to see the bloviating bubble busted? Step Wright up.

I'm geared up for this book, "Pop Mythology" by Laura Shamas! I was a huge mythology geek when I was younger and it gets to such an elemental part of our humanity. Ready to read.


Our huge FOB Debbie Beukema has multiple places you can check out her fine artwork, ready to go for gift giving. Here, here and here.

Some gorgeous fine art by Elizabeth Kennen (@Jazzcattrio), original paintings in oil and watercolor will be found here, give yourself a break and go check out all the beauty.

The wonderous Rebecca (@rebeccayorkart) shares her glorious artwork with us here.


Buds forever our compatriots at Jackson Street Books, everything you want, just ask.

My rec, I take the heat. What a fabulous dispenser of ketchup is found here!

It ain't your Grandma's Avon anymore, and Trish is manning the fort here. Sometimes easy and quick is the way to go.

Paul Ogrean rec's The World's Most Extreme Recycling that recycles materials from disarmed nuclear weapon systems and creating stunning jewelry and accessories from a remarkable alloy they call "Peace Bronze." But that's just the messaging part, go read about their goals. I love people with vision.

Karen H rec's Jamboo Headphones. Just go check it out.

Our #1 with a bullet FOB David G. rec's the Nexus 7- "The Nexus7 for those who have or use Google. It's easy auto sync will keep you on top of your daily PC usage as well as having wonderful apps -- so all your personal reading, ie Kindle/Amazon are one touch away. And it's got a 7 inch and 10 inch screen and it's got great font size increases for those with bad eyes like me."

Looking sexy don't mean sleazy- sophisticated intimate wear? WebSexy123 from our reader Gloria.

I want to note that your charitable organization, book, product or site will get daily promotion to over 168k eyeballs for the holiday month. For free. ‘Cause we love you and free stuff.

So send us rec’s about worthy or interesting possibilities for holiday shopping, plus we’ll just add in stuff we like. If you have any suggestions, drop us an email here (subject line- Cool Things), or email me at ‘Paddy AT thepoliticalcarnival DOT net’

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Send them in, plenty of time and we'll be adding every day.