VIDEO: Once again, Lindsey Graham whines about Amb. Susan Rice’ Benghazi intel talking points defense


(Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Little Lindsey Graham is in Rejection Mode again. He's rejecting Susan Rice's and the Obama administration's intel-written explanations of the Benghazi attacks... again, although he did entertain the idea of Rice's potential nomination as Secretary of State.

How big of Little.

But that didn't stop him from tantruming and pointing fingers. Hell, he's got bigger fish to fry! Back down now? Not when his BFF John McCain is out there on every talk show every Sunday sounding his familiar loony refrains, including his latest: John McCain: President Obama Is The Real Problem, Not Susan Rice,

Little Lindsey on This Week:

STEPHANOPOULOS: All the evidence is that Ambassador Rice was using the information given to her by the intelligence community.


"I don't -- I don't believe that... We'll get to the bottom of this."

"I blame the president above all others."

When she [Rice] comes over, if she does, there will be a lot of questions asked of her about this event and others. But I do not believe the video is the cause ..."

"I don't believe the video is the reason for this. I don't believe it was ever the reason for this. That was a political story, not an intel story, and we're going to hold people accountable..."

So there! Even though the intelligence community didn't release classified information and did release the Rice talking points, Lindsey is insisting it was all some kind of vast left wing conspiracy to get President Obama re-elected. Why, that's ... that's... gotta be impeachable!

As you can see from the video, he went on and on, including his insistence on pushing for an investigation into Benghazi “like we got to the bottom of Iran-Contra. We’re not going to let up on this.”

No, weekly cranky white Republican Sunday spokesbabblers, President Obama isn't the real problem. The anti-Obama, anti-Rice GOP conspiracy nutballs are.