"My goal moving forward will be to make [Republicans] feel the pain of unemployment firsthand."


I'd link you to today's L.A. Times letter to the editor, but true to form, they have failed to post the letters online... again.

Here it is anyway, transcribed from my hard copy, because our voices matter:

Re "Buying time for the jobless," Editorial, Nov. 20

After losing my job through no fault of my own, I never blamed my situation on any party other than the company that downsized me. Searching for meaningful work after many years of making a fair living is stunning; it affects your sense of worth. Financially, it’s devastating.   

Meanwhile, Congress (and especially the Republicans) seems intent on taking away even the most basic protections. After losing a tough presidential race, I hope many Republicans now see that obstructionism didn’t work and that they should take a more compassionate approach to helping the middle class.   

That being said, if the Republican-controlled House sticks it to me and millions of others, my goal moving forward will be to make them feel the pain of unemployment firsthand.