VIDEO: "When you find your voice, you do not want to shut up about it."


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Melissa had a lovely show today, so elegant in so many ways. Many of us needed that touch of class after such a brutal election cycle.

If only she and Chris Hayes could move to weekdays, enlarge their audiences, and open a few eyes.

Melissa Harris-Perry:

"There are many other fantastically loving, wonderful, creative, fulfilling and healthy ways to make family. Even Jesus was born to an unwed mom and raised by a doting stepfather."

MSNBC anchor and newlywed Thomas Roberts:

"Gavin Newsom, Lieutenant Governor of California flew in to marry us. it was epic, so special, the best night of our lives by far. I highly recommend it to everybody out there. Go get married, whoever you want to marry. In certain states now, if you are part of the lesbian and gay community, you have that option to be able to do that. And it was so fulfilling. I grew up pretending a lot to fit in, pretending to be straight. And I find now ... when you find your voice, you do not want to shut up about it. I have found my voice. I feel very privileged to have found it. Patrick and I were together 12 years up to the point where we got married, and we deserved that opportunity."