PhotOH! On "small business Saturday" President Obama buys books to promote independent shops. VIDEO ADDED.


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Image by Getty/Getty Images

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President Obama and his beautiful goils Sasha and Malia went Christmas shopping at an Arlington, Virginia book store to promote "small business Saturday."

Or as I like to call it, putting your money where your mouth is.

The idea was to encourage shoppers to spend their money at mom-and-pop businesses, which is exactly what he did when he bought 15 children's books as gifts for family members.

The photo of the president looking at his BlackBerry was snapped as he was looking up a book title.

Source: AP

  • "You Sex and the City Liberals . . . "

    I'd ask "what the hell is a 'Sex and the City Liberal'" -- but that's too hilarious.

    As is your presumption that President Obama doesn't care about people on a picket line simply because he didn't join them . . .


  • mitchellfreedman

    You Sex and the City Liberals have no vision beyond the cultural issues.  This was important and neither you nor he give a rat's ass.  If you watched the PBS' "The Dust Bowl," you'll see that FDR went to see people who his advisers said were not worthy and it made a big difference for the entire nation.  This was another Obama missed moment.

  • "How hard would it have been to show up at a Wal-Mart on Thursday?"

    Well, seeing as Thursday was Thanksgiving, he might have preferred to do something REALLY silly -- like spend time with his family, or something . . .

  • mitchellfreedman

    I'm not demeaning what he did with the small bookstore.  It's his refusal to go to the labor strikes in Wisconsin and Ohio, and now the Wal-Mart situation that is what should be the issue.  How hard would it have been to show up at a Wal-Mart on Thursday?  That's the only point.

  • Yes, by all means, demean something good that he's doing for a small family business.

  • mitchellfreedman

    He couldn't stand yesterday with some striking workers, but shows up at a bookstore today....Oy.

  • I like the was Sasha is hiding behind his lapel.