PhotOH! Candidate Mitt vs. “Tired, washed up” Mitt vs. Disheveled Mitt


Compare and contrast.

Mitt Romney, June 2012:

“Tired, washed up” Mitt pumping his own gas, November 20, 2012:

Turkey Mitt's Facebook page, posted November 23, 2012:

Disheveled Willard. God willed it.

Or should I say, God Willard it?

  • Rdzkz

    No niceties here, how do you forget so quickly? I have no good wishes for an evil man who outsources peoples' livelyhoods so he can make $Mprofits and then hide them overseas so he pays no taxes to help his fellow country men and women.  No he is an absolute traitor.  Just like when he refused to honor his country's call to arms. Ugly. Shameful. No forgiveness.

  • If ever we get real justice in America, you should not volunteer to work the guillotines.

  • Speak for yourself about not hating Mitthead personally, anyone rich or poor calls me lazy because my job doesnt include good healthcare they should know thats hating words, and I really hate these passive aggressive people who think they can smile to your face while telling you hateful words. 

  • When someone is not successful, it is often because they are lazy as in Mittheads case. 

  • actionjackson09

    "He looks human here" blah blah blah, maybe he should have shown more of that during the election. I do not feel one millimeter of sorriness for this self centered fake man who was willing to flush us all down the toilet, because he felt he was the 'chosen one'. Tootles Mitty, wont miss ya!

  • isohappy

    I was really afraid Romney would get elected and for me he stood for everything that has driven this country into the ground.  But he looks so happy and relaxed in the kitchen that I am glad for him (and the country) that he is finally free.  We didn't hate you, Willard--we hated what you did and what you were going to do.  Disregard the Republicans who are trashing you--that's what they are, trash, without any respect for people.  

  • JoyP

    I actually think he looks like a real human being here.   I also have to admit I didn't think Ann really cooked. At any rate, I am so thankful we dodged this bullet.

  • "Peanut Butter Pancakes, dear"  "You know me so well, Ann".

  • He may be a great Husband but he is not the Politician she thought he was. A one time Governor and Business shark and she thought he should be POTUS. The wife is the last to know I guess

  • I must say she looks a little less than happy. More like she's about to say "Get off me Mitt, you loser."

  • majii

    When I saw the pic of Mitt and Ann, the only word that entered my mind was co-dependent.

  • I must admitt, I can't wait for the closing credits (with apologies to Roy Rogers): "Happy trails to you/Maywwe never mitt again/Happy trails to you/Keep smirking until then/Happy trails to yoooou..." (Fade to commercial).