A heartfelt thank you


In many ways, this has been a tough year, both politically and personally. Leaving politics aside, since I covered that here, let's concentrate on the personal.

All too many of us have emotional issues, health issues, family problems, money problems, you name it. And because we all understand all too well what it's like to suffer from any one, or all, of those, then even temporary respites from those often excruciating tensions are even more precious.

Over the past three years or so, I've simultaneously had to deal with the declining health of my dad and my mother-in-law on the home front while contending with an ongoing and very intrusive situation with someone who has done his level best to destroy my online friendships and professional reputation.

The bad news is, my dad's health will only continue to deteriorate, since tiny strokes forever damaged his motor skills and memory, while thankfully, his sharp wit remains intact. He's still hilarious, even through his devastating ordeal. Again, those who have been there for me and offered their kindness, good wishes, advice, and caring have my eternal thanks.

The good news is, my kids and Mr. Laffy are doing well, as are most of my friends.

And on the Internet front, slowly but surely people are figuring out who this very disturbed "progressive" (and his very few remaining supporters)-- who's relentlessly written about me and others-- really is  and are abandoning him and repudiating his (their) smears. Despite that, it's been painful to observe, and so those who have supported me have my undying gratitude, as do those who have come forward to publicly acknowledge and apologize for their part in his still-ongoing rants.

Sometimes total strangers act like better friends than "real life" friends do, and that never ceases to amaze and hearten me.

To our wonderful readers who keep us going, who are generous with your time, encouragement, and your donations, we cannot begin to thank you enough.

To my buddies on Twitter who have helped me through the unpleasantness (including swatting away those pesky RWNJ trolls) over the years, you are angels and I appreciate you more than you can ever know. And thank you, Twitter pals, for your insights and political commentary, your very helpful links and personal stories, and of course, your jokes, even the groaners. Your voices really do matter.

And speaking of voices that really do matter, it's nearly impossible to express my thanks to Rachel Maddow for what she does, how she does it, her humor, her genius for communicating and informing, and for the encouragement she has given me personally.

And to Nicole Sandler, Angie Coiro, Ed Schultz, Lizz Winstead, Lawrence O'Donnell, Melissa Harris-Perry, Chris Hayes, Martin Bashir, Ari Melber, Nina Turner, Joy Ann Reid, Keith Boykin, Rosie Perez, Catherine Crier, the Stephanie Miller Show, Jacki Schechner, Randi Rhodes, John Dean, Joan Walsh, Jonathan Capehart, Sally Kohn, Martha Plimpton, Thom Hartmann, the Occupy Movement, and so many others who I'm forgetting (for which I apologize), thank you for fighting for all the right causes and standing up for those whose voices are often ignored, and doing so with ferocity, fire, smarts, humor, and heart.

We need more progressive voices out there, so let's make that happen. Then we can thank ourselves.

One more thing, one that I should have put right at the top: Nobody, but nobody, has a better partner in crime than I do. A big fat heartfelt thank you to Paddy.

  • Many thanks, Nancy.

  • Thank you for  bringing some fun to my TL during this angst-ridden year of political drama and world upheaval.  If there was any way to make this time easier for you, know that my spirit is willing but the brain is fresh out of ideas.  Happy Thanksgiving, keep calm, and carry on!  Nancy Wightman

  • I've seen people Tweet about not really caring if an "invisible" person on Twitter says or does (fill in the blank); The implication is, "they are not 'real, so they don't matter.'" I beg to differ.

    "Real" shines through. "Real" is seeing, day after day after day, how steadfast you are in your beliefs, how respectful you are in what you say, how kind you are when others are hurting. It's amazing how REAL you can be, 140 characters at a time...

    The sad thing is, there are some very hideous people out there. Truly grotesque in their words and deeds, having no compassion for the people they hurt, and having no conscience, as they incessantly attack, demean, slander, and insult. They are pitiful excuses for human beings. As much as I despise such people, I'm so much more gratified and thankful for the many, many more good, honest, generous people I count as friends.

    It matters to me how I treat people, though I'm not always polite (to say the least). I am passionate, and believe there's a time and place to unleashed that passion, and sometimes I miss the mark; Big-time. Such is life. We live and we learn.

    To the hideous people of which I spoke, especially YOU, sir (you know who you are), it's shameful what you've done, and continue to do. I would say that you have much to learn, but it's abundantly clear that's pointless. You're small and ugly. To HELL with you, Ahab. Nurse your fear and hate, keep hunting your white whale, as the last shreds of your facade burns around you. Your hate has made you invisible, and you don't matter.

    To close, let me say this: If I were to make a list of treasured people in my life that I've looked up to, learned
    from, laughed with, and cried with, Laffy would be the top of that list.
    If you're reading this, chances are you already know what I mean.

    Thank you Laffy, for your generous spirit, giving heart, passionate beliefs, lightning wit, and depth of thought. There are literally thousands who love and care for you. In short, to us you're NOT invisible, you are REAL, and you very, very much matter...

  • Thank you Michael. Same to you!

  • I am thankful for your voice on Twitter/FB. Happy Thanksgiving. 

  • Join the club. And thank you very much.

  • Bravo. Good luck to you and your family. I'm vaguely familiar with the Internet/Twitter war but can not understand the vitriol from some of these numbskulls.