Red states have higher traffic death rates than blue states

Share, an online, nonprofit publication that does public interest journalism, has found that red state voters are more likely to die in a traffic accident than blue state voters, per the L.A. Times:

The safety experts interviewed by FairWarning could not provide a specific reason why traffic death rates in red states were worse than blue states.

Red states do tend to be rural with wide-open spaces. People could be driving more in those states because they have less traffic or people could be driving at faster speeds, which makes collisions more dangerous.

Another factor could be seat belts. Just 85% of the people in the South use seat belts, the lowest rate of any region of the nation, according to a study this year by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Come on, red states, if you were really and truly "pro-life," it seems to moi that you'd go out of your way to preserve your own, your families', friends' and neighbors'. Besides, it's the law.