VIDEO-- Memo to GOP, John McCain: "You need to have a basic level of competence."


(Photo by Darren Hauck/Getty Images)

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The GOP, and John McCain specifically, get the Rachel Maddow treatment:

The GOP, John McCain "are not thinking very hard or very clearly about the role of American in the world" and in war.

"How did John McCain get to be the Republican party's North Star in foreign policy in 2012?"

"Why is he the guy in charge?"

"This was the same John McCain who thought we'd be easily victorious in the fraudulent Iraq War."

"No, the anthrax did not come from Iraq.

And no we were not greeted as liberators in Iraq.

And no, the Iraq War wasn't easy.

And no, it turned out not to be cool to 'muddle through' in Afghanistan for, what is it now, 12 years?"

"John McCain said... the U.S. should think about going to war with Russia. U.S.! War with Russia! What could possibly go wrong?"

"It's also his grasp of the facts.... Iraq and Pakistan do not share a border.

Iran was not training Al Qaeda operatives.

Ronald Reagan did not cause the Prague Spring of 1968. Wanna know what he was doing in 1968? That was his first year as governor of California."

The GOP "hasn't figured out that Iraq was a bad idea."

"The Senate really does have to confirm someone as Secretary of State, even if John McCain has decided he doesn't want one this year."

"You need to know what you're talking about. You need to have a basic level of competence. And doing what John McCain says is not a reasonable substitution for basic competence... Pick somebody else."