Tuesday Links


Aww, blue and beautiful.

Ice-capades: The true blue beauty of the icebergs of Iceland

Wes Anderson's Star Wars: Episode VII would have to include Bill Murray, so let's consider it

World's fastest piece of furniture and smallest car up for sale as car enthusiast gives up record-breaking collection

Joe Biden's 1993 Cameo On "Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?"

Listen to the sounds of the human mind: Remixed brain scans reveal our inner music

A Book That Reads You

Car-pow! Replica 1960s style Batmobile and Batbike expected to fetch £80k at auction (that's £1.4m less than the original versions made)

TVNewser Time Machine: What TV News Websites Looked Like back In The 90′s

Antibiotics are losing their effectiveness at an 'alarming and irreversible' rate

Even apes have midlife crises, study finds