VIDEO-- McCain doesn't "want to support any nominee." And did you hear about HIS overlooked omission on Benghazi?


H/t: Think Progress

John Sidney McCain, who seems to have completely lost what was left of his mind:

"Under the present circumstances, until we find out all the information as to what happened, I don’t think you would want to support any nominee right now. Because this is very very serious and it has even larger implications than the deaths of 4 Americans."

Note to JohnSidney McCrankyPants: Susan Rice was given talking points by the intel community, so she wasn't "wrong." She presented the declassified information that they provided her. Time to stop whining and pointing fingers, go home, take a nap, and come back when you're ready to be at least minimally rational.

For more insight into "a once honorable war hero [who] had become a nasty little troll," please read Juan Adams' post at Down With Tyranny, "McCain's Benghazi Fail-- Was A Vainglorious Old U.S. Senator Responsible For The Tragedy In Benghazi?" He uncovered a nugget that deserves much more attention:

McCain: "The last message our beloved ambassador sent to us concerns about security in Benghazi. He had even voiced them to me when I was in Tripoli. Nothing was done."


I do not know how this got lost in the news cycle but on October 28th, John McCain clearly stated-- on national television-- that Ambassador Chris Stevens had directly voiced security concerns and McCain chose to do nothing. To this day, McCain has never been asked to explain what he did with the direct information from Stevens about these concerns but in light of the tragedy, perhaps we now have the perfect point from which to launch a Watergate-like investigation.


  • I actually wrote that up, Sagarian, back during the 2008 election. Thank you for the reminder!!

  • Sagarian

    In 1968 I was stationed at Tan Son Nhut Air Base in Saigon, Vietnam. I worked on the flight line in a "Racky Tack" which in Air Force jargon means a Tactical Reconnaisance Squadron. I was a photo interpreter assigned to evaluate pictures flown back from all over Vietnam, especially North Vietnam. One of the pilots I, and my colleagues became aware of over time, was John McCain. The reason we "knew" him quite well was because he was affectionately known as "Crash McCain" due to his constantly crashing his planes he was given. His bosses, who were also, my bosses, at 7th Air Force Headquarters did not take too kindly to McCain constantly destroying millions of dollars of government equipment...those fighter jets! So when I hear him given this label of "hero pilot" which I know is mainly as the result media hot air those of us who knew him in Vietnam and his bumbling flying style, know better. 😉

  • Sagarian

    I was in Vietnam in 1968 at Tan Son Nhut Air Base working in a "Racky Tack" which is Air Force military jargon for a tactical reconnaissance squadron. My job was to interpret photos brought back from missions flown up and over the DMZ into North Vietnam. One of the pilots my unit was quite familiar with was John McCain. He was fondly called: "Crash McCain" by his fellow pilots and especially higher ranking members of the 7th Air Force, who at the time, were in charge of all military flights over all of Vietnam. McCain, before he was captured, had crashed so many planes that his bosses at the 7th Air Force were seriously considering [grounding] him! McCain was "not" the esteemed pilot that most people think that he is. That false praise being heaped upon him is largely the result of the media anointing him with a false title. Those of us who knew him and his bumbling flying style in Vietnam know better. 😉


    Being a war hero doesn't make McCain an honest man.  Picking Sarah Palin as his running mate says all anyone needs to know about the man's judgement.

  • kayellen48

    McCain is still repeating that line about how every intelligence agency in the world thought Iraq/Saddam had WMD.  How many times has that been debunked? Maybe someone should tell him. 

  • deb42

    He might also not recall that he assured Gaddafi in a  "envoy" visit with him that he would push to have US provide him with arms to fight rebels!! 

  • David Gillooly

    John clearly is backtracking. Let's see how Graham plays this next week.

  • From hero to Zero, John McCain

  • It could be that his statement was about as true as his assertion that he had known Mikhail Saakashvili for 25 years.