Bobby Jindal: "If we want people to like us, we have to like them first."


Yesterday I wrote a post, Memo to GOP: “We gotta win voters over so let’s be fake-best friends now” is not a pivot, it’s pandering.

Rather than repeat all the same points, I'll ask that you please just link over and read it. Here's an excerpt:

The GOP can’t believe they took such a drubbing, and they sure as hell don’t want to continue to lose, so they’re “rethinking” their approach. Or so they say.

Their talking heads still persist in peddling their “beliefs” and quasi-policies, so merely changing the wording isn’t exactly reaching out. It’s pandering. Acknowledging that people look, sound, and act differently from you, but not genuinely welcoming them in is not connecting, it’s pandering. Saying the word “revenue” out loud at a mic a few times while proposing an extension of the Bush tax cuts is not pivoting, it’s pandering. Bragging about the very tiny bit of diversity among your elected officials and spokespeople is not being inclusive, it’s pandering. Using all the right buzz words isn’t reconnecting with voters, it’s pandering.

Cosmetic fixes aren’t gonna cut it, guys.

It's one thing to be introspective and see the error of your ways. It's quite another to do an abrupt 180 and pretend you care, hoping nobody will notice that you're pandering your ass off.

All these people who are professing to belong to the no-longer-divisive party are sadly laughable. Who did they vote for again? Who did they openly support? Oh yeah, the guy who wished self-deportation on undocumented immigrants.

Who did they cheer? Oh yeah, the governors who enforced voter suppression, including Voter I.D. laws and restrictions on early voting, affecting mostly black and Latino voters, among others.

Who did they defend when he dismissed the 47% with a wave of his secret tax returns? Oh yeah, the guy who sent jobs to China.

Who did they self-righteously back when he closed the binder on reproductive rights? Oh yeah, the guy who stood for denying health services to women, who claimed he wanted to get rid of Planned Parenthood, an organization that provides care to those who otherwise couldn't afford it (gee, who might those include?).

You get the point.

So now these Republicans-- who suddenly and magically see the light-- are accusing Dems of "dividing people by race"? Seriously?

Bobby Jindal actually said this on Fox News Sunday (video here):

"If we want people to like us, we have to like them first... Let the Democratic party be the party that says demography is destiny, that says we're gonna divide people by race, by gender, by class..."

"It's not just a marketing campaign... were gonna fight for every single vote."

Bobby states, with a straight face, that his party will actually "have" to try to "like" people who aren't white, male, and wealthy. They're forced to do that now, because, hey, they're going to run for office, for Pete's sake! What an effort that will be! Maybe if they close their eyes real tightly and hold their noses, they can tolerate getting within a few feet of a few select people who don't look, act, or sound like them.

Without saying "Ew!" I mean.

He goes on to accuse the Democratic party of dividing people, and then has the balls to say that their instant, phony post-election outreach isn't a marketing campaign.

Tell that to the more than 7 out of 10 Hispanic Obama voters, the more than 9 out of 10 black Obama voters, and the women who voted for the president over Romney by 11 points.

  • David G

    They sound to me like a Jeff Foxworthy, "if you...., you  might be a redneck" sketch.  Only "you may be a Republican."  in their case.  "If you wake up and have more fleas than your dog, you might be a republican.  If you wake up and are only as smart as your dog, you may be a Republican.  And if you don't even wake up, "you must be a republican."  DG

  • cognachas4paws

    Oh that's just ridiculous!  Look at the diversity in the Democratic party - it's all inclusive.  White people, brown people, purple people, gay, straight, bi - it doesn't matter, you have a home in the Democratic party.  The Democrats do not preach hate or division; our philosophy is one of inclusion.

    Today I have started seeing on various news sites that I frequent, that some are saying the Republicans and Democrats both have to stop with the hateful talk, come together, work toward solutions for all, etc.  All of us preach hate, they're saying, and we need to all change.  It's a bunch of bull.  What they want to do is try to make Democrats think that they are really changing; they want independents to think they're changing; women, Latinos, African Americans - they're trying to convince us all that they are a changed party, a better party - why, they're nearly Democrats themselves to hear them talk.

    The truth is, only one party - the GOP - has been preaching hate and that party is NOT changing.  Listen to Limbaugh and the rest - they haven't changed a bit.  All the Republican leadership is trying to do is mitigate the damage.  They don't want want happened this November to happen again in 2014 or 2016.  They've stabbed us in the back 100 times and now they're moderating their language in the hopes that we won't feel them twisting that knife.

    Don't fall for it.

  • majii

    If dems say demography is destiny, that already says we're ahead because we recognize that no political party can survive if it is constantly making war against different population groups, which is what the GOP, and Jindal, have done for over 30 years.  The GOP is responsible for dividing the country into older white Americans  versus the rest of us.  One only has to look at whom Romney pandered to in the last election to "get" this.  Jindal must think we're fools.  I live in GA with most of those who voted for Romney in the last election, and the LAST thing they're interested in is uniting the country.  These are the Old School "my way or the highway" folks, and they're in no mood to change, and demographic changes mean nothing to them.  When Newt Gingrich won the GOP primary here, one of these folks crowed in an online comment,"Yippee!! White men still run GA!!!"

  • You are so right.