Allen West demanded a recount, but Patrick Murphy is "farther ahead" than before the recount began


Dear Allen West: Please STFU and go away. Love, Laffy

That was as polite as I could be.

Via TC Palm:

Results of recounting more than 37,000 St. Lucie County ballots were announced shortly after 2 p.m. Sunday and preliminary figures given by Canvassing Board member Tod Mowery placed Jupiter Democrat Patrick Murphy farther ahead of Republican Allen West than before the two-day effort began.

Murphy's lead was still outside the 0.5 percent difference that would require a recount. The unofficial final count was 65,841 votes for Murphy and 52,704 for West.

"We are still evaluating how to handle this," West campaign manager Tim Edson said.


As Murphy campaign senior adviser Eric Johnson put it, "This election is over."

  • majii

    I think West may do a Norm Coleman.  He will drag this out as long as possible, and he will not do the honorable thing, accept defeat gracefully, and ride off into the sunset because he's so sure that even the recount is WRONG.  He just cannot believe that more people in his district voted for Patrick Murphy than voted for him.  He really needs to sit down and STFU and stop making a fool of himself.  If he had been ahead of Murphy after the recount, you'd better believe he would have been granting Fox an interview to crow about it and tell Murphy to get  lost.  It's too bad he can't tae the advice he would have given Patrick Murphy if their roles were reversed.  

  • The teapotty shenanigans have gone on, an on. I live in FL-18, and we have been invaded by busloads of Americans for Prosperity agitators calling for gov'na rick the prick Scott to call the race for West. Scott may just try to do that now that the recount shows Murphy to be the winner.

  • “We are still evaluating how to handle this,” West campaign manager Tim Edson said.

    It's a simple two step process, Tim.

    1.  Admit defeat
    2.  Go away