Those silly Minnesota Republicans want to oust Sen. Al Franken


Senator Al Franken is up for re-election and Republicans would love to replace him with one of their own. Good luck with that, because it won't be easy. He has solid poll numbers (at about 50 percent) and he's worked hard at his job, avoided the spotlight, and maintained a Very Serious demeanor instead of indulging his former Saturday Night Live wacky, zany side.

Oh, and he plans on sticking around.

Via The Hill:

Minnesota Republicans acknowledge he’ll be difficult to defeat. [...]

Another factor: Minnesota’s state Republican Party, while in better shape than it was a year ago, remains in disarray. The party still has a large level of debt, though it’s slowly paying it off, and Ron Paul backers hijacked the party’s conventions last spring and nominated one of their own over the establishment’s preferred candidate to challenge Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.). That candidate, state Sen. Kurt Bills (R), won just 31 percent of the vote.

Michele Bachmann has been mentioned as a possible candidate. You can stop laughing now:

Multiple Republicans warned that a Bachmann campaign could be disastrous for them, since she’s popular with the base but not well liked statewide. The former presidential candidate and Tea Party favorite barely won reelection this year in the state’s most Republican district, and an October poll from the Democratic Public Policy Polling showed her favorability rating statewide at just 33 percent, with 55 holding unfavorable views of her.

Okay, you can start laughing again.

To see who the other possible candidates are, please click over.