Saturday Links


Ugh, my mouth hurts just thinking of all that sugar. No great loss.

Did you know? Twinkies fun facts

The 'living' gel that can walk by itself (very slowly) and could help in battle against cancer

Video- Artisanal DIY Sriracha: HOWTO homebrew "rooster sauce," without the chemical preservatives

Hotel for all seasons! The luxury resort built entirely of SALT where £85 rooms really go against the grain (but you're not allowed to lick the walls)

Test your grammar 'smarts' with our quiz!

Stunningly surreal time remapping video

Sorry boys, size DOES matter: Scientific journal confirms men's worst bedroom fear

Dumb and Dumber: Study Says Humans Are Slowly Losing Their Smarts

Scratching is catching (but only if you're a worrier): Two thirds of us will follow suit when they see someone itching themselves

One-minute algae: new source of oil?

Gateway to the American Dream: Poignant pictures of desperate and bewildered immigrants landing at Ellis Island

Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore: The perfect nerdish fantasy

10 best books of 2012, according to Amazon's editors

Billy the Kid star Robert Taylor's $65m 'western-inspired' ranch to be sold at cut-price auction