Memo to GOP: "We gotta win voters over so let's be fake-best friends now" is not a pivot, it's pandering.


Republicans lost Election 2012 in a big way, and now many of them are dazed and confused, disillusioned, scratching their heads, crying in their soup, even petitioning to secede, but one thing they're not doing is accepting reality. They are rationalizing, tantruming, pointing fingers, and completely missing the point. 

And that point is, their policies suck. They also disenfranchise voters, they alienate, they discriminate, they divide, they evade, they attack, they obstruct, they name-call, they insult, they lie, and then they buy ads repeating all of the above ad nauseam.

But they have yet own up, to open their eyes and see the monster that they have created. At best they're kind of squinting.

Now they're claiming to-- How did David Frum put it on Real Time with Bill Maher last night? Oh yeah-- crack the ice, meaning the party will self-examine, re-evaluate, think long and hard about their future, and of course, do a heap o' requisite praying.

The GOP can't believe they took such a drubbing, and they sure as hell don't want to continue to lose, so they're "rethinking" their approach. Or so they say.

Their talking heads still persist in peddling their "beliefs" and quasi-policies, so merely changing the wording isn't exactly reaching out. It's pandering. Acknowledging that people look, sound, and act differently from you, but not genuinely welcoming them in is not connecting, it's pandering. Saying the word "revenue" out loud at a mic a few times while proposing an extension of the Bush tax cuts is not pivoting, it's pandering. Bragging about the very tiny bit of diversity among your elected officials and spokespeople is not being inclusive, it's pandering. Using all the right buzz words isn't reconnecting with voters, it's pandering.

Cosmetic fixes aren't gonna cut it, guys. Perpetual dishonesty and delusion will only prolong the pain. Perhaps a little right wing hope and change is in order.

Oh and, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, whining that President Obama bribed "urban" voters, telling  dumbfounded donors on a conference call that he bought the election, well, that isn't even pandering, it's being an embarrassingly poor loser and continuing to show your true colors.