VIDEO: Offshore platform explosion and fire is now out; 2 dead, 2 missing



Are you getting it yet, Drill-Baby-Drillers? Catastrophe after disaster after catastrophe continue to occur even as we expand our drilling into even more threatening venues, such as the Chukchi Sea, off Alaska's north shore. And because of the freezing temperature and icy landscape, a cleanup response there would be nearly impossible to perform.

Another accident waiting to happen. More human life, wildlife, and environments waiting to be destroyed.

Yet, here we go again. There was an oil and gas rig off the Louisiana coast that was hit by an explosion and fire today. At least there was no ice.

According to a breaking news alert:

"Local officials: 2 dead, 2 missing in Gulf oil rig fire; no spill immediately sighted, Coast Guard says... per @NBCnews


According to officials, the oil and gas platform is located 20 miles south of Grand Isle, owned by Houston-based Black Elk Energy... Coast Guard Captain Peter Gautier says 28 people were believed to be aboard the facility at the time.  Gautier says the platform was not in active production.