Video- Anderson Cooper Whumps Rep Rohrabacher On Benghazi "What You’re Saying Is Factually Not Correct"


They obviously do not listen to the idiocy that comes out of their mouths. Rohrabacher is a HUGE penis. Via.

  • deke4

    Another war monger willing to send others to wars, while the only cordite he ever smelled was at NRA meetings. Anyone stupid enough to believe that Iraqi scientists would be willing to travel on pot holed roads with the possibility of a vehicular accident in mobile labs ladened with vials of deadly poisons is too stupid to make decisions affecting the lives of our military.

  • heidimassey

    I'm not certain, but I believe that guy's first name is Dick. 

  • Harbor Guy

    " Robacher is a HUGE penis."

    Cough, Cough...Well, there is that difference between "is" and "has"...and I'm taking a bet that the "has" is NOT huge.


    (Hey, if the Pukes, Baggers and Haters get to vomit up all of their slime and I have no place to go...well, I'm gonna run with this!)

  • Person

    I would love to be able to tell off this bs bully.  Puff out your Neocon chest Rohrbacher but your fact twisting and double edged words are easily defeated with the facts.