Guest Rant: "Here’s the 'free stuff' minority groups... want: their Constitutional rights."


Andy Marquis – Reporter for– is our guest blogger of the day. He used to consider himself a Republican but not any more.  He changed his voter registration to Independent in 2011 and says that’s how it will remain. Enjoy (bolding mine):

The "Party of Personal Reponsibility"

Copper Hill, VA (November 15, 2012) –  Now, the Republican Party can’t accept that they lost the election.  The “Party of Personal Responsibility” spent all of election night claiming that the results were wrong and that Governor Romney had, in fact, won the election.  Then, the “Party of Personal Responsibility” claimed that one African-American in Philadelphia scared everyone in to voting for President Obama.  Then, the “Party of Personal Responsibility” claimed there was widespread voter fraud.  Now, the candidate of the “Party of Personal Responsibility”  says he lost the election because President Obama gave young people, women, Hispanics and African-Americans “gifts”.

Okay, what the hell?

Too many Republicans still believe this is a nation of angry white men who tout pistols on them.  As such, they’ve found themselves completely incapable of trying to connect with younger voters and minority voters.

The notion that minorities want “free stuff”  and young people think they’re entitled to a college education on the taxpayers’ dime is extremely ludicrous – although putting students through college for free isn’t a terrible idea.  After all, it was the day after Governor Romney’s loss that Rush Limbaugh, who really needs to exiled to his own private island away from all of mankind, snarked that the only way the Republican Party could win an election is to allow illegal immigrants to cross the border and to give free stuff to African-Americans.


But, you see, this is how the Republicans will try to deflect from the need for comprehensive immigration reform.  This is how they will try to deflect from the growing acceptance of same-sex marriage, which passed in three states.  You know, that DREAM Act thing, that was a Republican idea.  Just like that “Obama Care” thing and the “individual mandate” was also a Republican idea.  And the Republican Party nominated the grand architect of “Obama Care”, because he did such a good job of saying that Obama appeases and apologizes to terrorists.

Don’t expect Republicans to come to the table to discuss these issues anytime soon either.  Now that they’ve lost, they’ll turn to the vile, spiteful, vindictive Congressman Darrell Issa in hopes that he’ll launch 843 investigations in to the Benghazi attack in hopes that they might actually be able to impeach the president. 

Republicans don’t actually care about the four Americans killed.  They care about bringing down the president. 

I mean, if they really cared about the truth, they’d want more investigation in to the Iraq war instead of passively accepting President Bush’s “Weapons of Mass Destruction” malarkey.  But if it’s impeachment proceedings they truly want, good luck.

But let’s talk about “free stuff”.

Perhaps the biggest example of the government handing out “free stuff” is the billions a year in subsidies that’s handed to the oil companies, which continue to record the highest profits in the history of mankind.  And how is saying you’ll slash entitlement programs so you can give tax cuts to wealthy people not labeled as “free stuff”?

Here’s the “free stuff” these minority groups singled out by Governor Romney in his post-election sour grapes conference call want: their Constitutional rights.

For example, marriage is a government entity.  Republicans can say it’s a religious ceremony, but that’s about all that’s religious.  The government sanctions and regulates marriage and, for that reason, the Ninth and 14th Amendments apply.  But, Republicans think religious law should trump that.

Sometimes I wonder if the only amendment they care about is the Second Amendment.

As for Latinos, if there is one demographic that would turn their noses away from government handouts, this would be that demographic.  But don’t tell that to Republicans.  Their warped reality involves throwing all immigrants out of the country, checking the immigration status of all Latinos and building a fence.

It’s a time for soul searching in the Republican Party.  They will have to find a way to appeal to younger and minority demographics.  This would involve kicking the Tea Party elements out of the party and disassociating themselves from the ilk of Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck.

Or you can go the route the Republicans tried to go down – restrict certain people from being able to vote, demand IDs, cut early voting in Democratic areas and purge legal residents from the voter rolls.  That also did not work.

The Republican Party will have to enter reality, or they will cease to exist as a party on the national level.  Their fossilized way of thinking was repudiated last Tuesday by a voting populace that isn’t as white and as male as it has always been in the past.

It’s time for the “party of personal responsibility”  to step up and accept responsibility for their loss on November 6, 2012.