Annual Holiday Cool Things Referrals


For the past couple years we’ve been lucky enough for people to want us to check out their books and stuff that they are proudly looking to promote. If there’s a book or site that we like or think others will like we’re more than happy too.

We're looking for recommends from those and rec’s from readers about worthy or interesting possibilities for your holiday shopping, some of it will be just stuff we like. If you have any suggestions, drop me a note here (subject line- Cool Things). (PS- Shameless bleg, I need a 2013 wall calendar)

I'll start running them right after Thanksgiving.

  • David G

    The Nexus7 for those who have or use google. It's easy auto synch will keep you on top of your daily pc useage as well as having wonderful apps -- so all your personaly reading, ie Kindle/Amazon are one touch away. And it's got a 7 inch and 10 inch screen and it's got great font size increases for those with bad eyes like me.  DG

  • Replied! : )

  • you got eMAIL!  🙂