VIDEO-- Romney WI co-chair: Romney would have "absolutely" won state with Voter ID law


As I've written previously, it’s the Republicans who have tried to suppress the vote in several Republican-run states, and from the reports I’ve seen, it’s Republicans who have been caught committing voter fraud.

Voter I.D. fraud is nearly non-existent, and, of course, the GOP-generated Voter I.D. laws affect mostly Democratic voters.

Yet here is Team Romney’s Wisconsin co-chair, GOP state Sen. Alberta Darling going on about how Willard would have won her state if only those voter ID laws had been, you know, constitutional.

Via Think Progress:

ABC affiliate host:

"Do you think photo ID would have made any difference in the outcome of this election?"

Alberta Darling:

"Absolutely, I think so."

There is a simple answer to Darling’s question about why voter ID cannot exist in Wisconsin — the state constitution does not allow it.  [...]

President Obama currently leads in Wisconsin by more than 200,000 votes. So Darling is suggesting that 200,000 people somehow managed to vote twice without anyone noticing — or perhaps that one person voted 200,001 times.

There's that abysmal Republican arithmetic again.