Video- Democrats Boo Luke Russert's "Younger Leadership" Question to Nancy Pelosi


You go ahead and push that question Luke. What a maroon.
Via Free Beacon.

  • Coming from someone who only got his current position riding the coattail of his dead father(aka privileged white kid out of college with no journalistic skills) is absurdly hilarious. Nancy Pelosi have done a great job unifying her caucuses and getting some major bills done. Even I as a Canadian watching from the outside can see how offensive that question was.

  • Luke Russert really Did not think what he was saying...Nancy Pelosi is about as hip and experienced as a person could hope for. The amount of age discrimination involved in his question...stupefying.Nice job 

  • cognachas4paws

    OH. MY. GOD.

    I cannot believe he asked that - multiple times! 
    Did Tim Russert just roll over in his grave?