"No one without a college education should be allowed to watch Fox News."


Today's L.A. Times letter to the editor, because our voices matter:

Re “President, by popular vote,” Editorial, Nov. 12

The danger of your approach is that blue states are far more likely to adopt a fair electoral system than the red states. There is no way that the red bastions of the South and Midwest will relinquish their electoral majority to a popular vote.

Our great democratic experiment needs refinement. But a popular vote requirement is only one element. Voting periods need to be extended nationwide to two or three days at least; long voting lines should be eliminated; a national standard of qualification and identification for federal elections should be established; the primary season should be shortened to three months to increase voter interest; and the effects of big money on both parties should be eliminated.

Last but not least, no one without a college education should be allowed to watch Fox News.

Bill Robinson
San Clemente

  • Nobody without access to a balance of liberal and progressive conversation should be allowed to watch fox news. The problem most people have is you turn on the TV, fox is easy to find, you turn on the radio and look for talk: fox or rush limbaugh is easy to find. Especially in the south, for 6 months in 2007 into 2008 there was liberal radio(Air America) Available in the red states of Tn, Ar, and Ms once Obama won it was replaced by a Fox Sports station for about 8 months and then transitioned to ESPN and local sports radio.

    For a long period of time people who were on Radio and TV were thought to be trustworthy. Depending on your age you may really have that hard wired into your brain, so the fact that people who are widely available for you to listen to(as well as munchinized versions of them)  are out there selling you loads of BS without offering you waders or high waters, nor are they ever passing you honesty or objectivity. Hell even when Rush has a salient moment of honesty, let's the curtain drop for his viewers to see the truth, it is quickly turned into snark or sarcasm.

    If it wasn't for things like SiriusXm or the internet/phone apps it would be almost impossible to get away from the conservative echo chamber in the red states

  •  By the way, Fox News is a separate entity from the Fox entertainment programming network. You can watch The Simpsons with a clear conscience. 🙂

  • David G

    I love all of that.  Let's go.  DG

  • The first time I became aware of Fox news beyond my favorite childhood shows, like The Simpson and Family Guy was when I took a political course at Uni. To non-Americans, Fox is neither news nor legitimate since it can outright lie and propagandize on a national broadcasting network and get away with it.