My Way Boehner: "Instead of the House moving on Senate [tax] bill, Senate ought to move on the House bill."


Nothing like being willing to compromise, eh Boehner? Or as he insists on calling it, "finding common ground." And by compromise I mean stonewalling.

He's pulling a Mitch McConnell and obstructing his little orange head off regarding President Obama's insistence on extending the middle income tax rates that will expire in January.

The Boehner seems set on gridlock as usual, at least until he meets with the president on Friday.

Per LiveWire, Boehner dodged and weaved-- as cowards are wont to do when they don't want to give a direct answer to a direct question-- when pressed on the tax cut matter:

"Well, I think instead of the House moving on the Senate bill, the Senate ought to move on the House bill...  We are not going to hurt our economy and make job creation more difficult, which is exactly what that plan will do... I look forward to my conversation beginning with the president on Friday."

America first! Jobs jobs jobs! Republicans care about the middle class!

  • "Instead of the House moving on the Senate tax bill, the Senate should move on the House tax bill."

    Since our constitution says that revenue bills must originate in the House, Mr. Boehner is entirely correct.  We may not like it, but that is the constitution and this is the House that the people of these United States elected. Live with it.

  • David G

    I'm perplexed when I hear on the news that  since the election both Boehner and McConnell seem a bit more amenable and open to some sort of compromise no taxes.  BS.  They've not conceded an inch.   They seem as angry and intransigent as ever.  Boehner says no he won't compromise and McConnell is still trying to make Obama a 1 term president, even though the election is over and Obama's here for a second go around.  Why can't these idiots see this.  All of these fears by Republicans that they may get "primaried" if they don't toe the party line.  They're going to get "primaried" anyway if they're not already teabaggers.  DG

  • These men do not represent the people. Boehner, McConnell, Can'tor and Ryan speak for the wealthy and care not about jobs for the Middle Class. This explains 4 years of obstruction. All their so called jobs plans are identical- Tax cuts for the wealthy offset by massive cuts to the middle class. Their goal, from day one, was to use the recession to stain the president and desimate the Social Safety Net that has protected the working man for 70 years. SS is not an entitlement, it's a paid benefit supported by FICA and comes out of our pay checks every week, along with Medicare. SS has not affected the deficit. That came from reckless spending by the GOP with two unfunded wars, kept off the books until PBO took office, and twelve years of the lowest taxes on the wealthy since the Great Depression. The latter proves that Trickle Down Economics does not, will not and never did work. Where are the jobs. PBO has created more jobs without the help of the 112 congress in 4 years than W did in 8 years.
    These men will never change, and the only way the people will get the Democracy they deserve is to weed them out. Over 60% of Americans, including those who didn't vote for PBO want the wealthy to pay their fair share. The middle class will not pay the debts of their spoiled child any longer, and we have already taken a beating in home equity, pension loss and being downsized into the ranks of the unemployed. We're not takers, we helped build this country, defend it worldwide, build companies and a work ethic which made us #1 in the world.
    Governance is compromise and the people want the rich to give a little back. It's totally unfair for a single mother who makes $8 per hour to pay 20 or 30% while the Romney's of the world pay 13%. America is done with that ridiculous tax plan.

  • Hey the one thing republicans seem to forget: Obama wins on January 1st. Bush Tax cuts go poof, so either they keep the Bush cuts for everybody but the top 2% or else they accept tax cuts for everybody but the top 2% in 2013. The house has no power, Obama got them when he compromised last time. Plus Reid passed the extension through the Senate, Obama ran and one on Tax INCREASES for the RICH by constantly offering Romney's plan they may avoid primaries but they will probably lose seats in 2014