My Way Boehner: "Instead of the House moving on Senate [tax] bill, Senate ought to move on the House bill."


Nothing like being willing to compromise, eh Boehner? Or as he insists on calling it, "finding common ground." And by compromise I mean stonewalling.

He's pulling a Mitch McConnell and obstructing his little orange head off regarding President Obama's insistence on extending the middle income tax rates that will expire in January.

The Boehner seems set on gridlock as usual, at least until he meets with the president on Friday.

Per LiveWire, Boehner dodged and weaved-- as cowards are wont to do when they don't want to give a direct answer to a direct question-- when pressed on the tax cut matter:

"Well, I think instead of the House moving on the Senate bill, the Senate ought to move on the House bill...  We are not going to hurt our economy and make job creation more difficult, which is exactly what that plan will do... I look forward to my conversation beginning with the president on Friday."

America first! Jobs jobs jobs! Republicans care about the middle class!