Video Overnight Thread- Wussy St Bernard Afraid of Stairs


Too freakin' adorable. No clue why the kielbasa didn't work. Boo really isn't "afraid" of much, but she cannot stand the sound of a staple gun and the noise that my photo program makes when it does a screen shot. Beemer just wants to know if it's food. Via.

  • cognachas4paws

    My Pomeranian was afraid to go down the basement stairs.  He had no problem going up and down the stairs to the second floor, it was just the basement stairs.  This summer we spent a lot of time in the basement since it was so hot outside and the basement is much cooler; this way we didn't have to run the air all the time.  We had to carry him up and down the stairs but finally after a week or so of watching our other two dogs on the stairs, he started going up and down them himself and now he's fearless.  Thinks he can climb Everest.  🙂

  • That was funny!