Video- Grover Norquist: Problem Is ‘Too Much Spending,’ Not That ‘Peasants Aren’t Sending Enough Money’ To DC


This is exactly how their brains work. President Obama says "raising taxes over $250k." and Grover hears "peasants". h/t Mediaite.

  • OK I'm going to say this again veeeerrrrrryyyyyy sssssslloooooooowwwwly: Who the #### elected Grover Norquist? It's time these legislators got their heads out of Grover's ass and developed enough spine to recognize the PEOPLE elected them and their oath of office does not contain the word "grover " or "norquist"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I'm not sure which is worse, the "peasants" comment or his comment about Romney being a "poopy-head" on CBS this AM.

    This guy has been de-facto "elected" by the GOP to lead economic policy but it's obvious he has a third grade mentality when it comes to both economic and political discourse.

    Hey GOP; it's your damn party! It's not the "fringe" that's killing you! You're all just idiots!