Say NO to creationist vouchers


My eighteen-year-old Louisiana pal Zack Kopplin is still fighting creationism law, and yes, Zack is one remarkable teen. Our previous posts by and about Zack here.

He has graciously given me permission to cross-post his latest, adding that they will need a whole lot of luck to stop this from also happening in Texas; he's not feeling optimistic:

On April 18, 2012, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal signed into law the most expansive and sweeping voucher program in the nation’s history, the Student Scholarship for Educational Excellence Program (or the SSEEP). The SSEEP is, in effect, a creationist voucher program, diverting precious state and local resources from public schools and into the coffers of radical religious schools. During the last several months, state, national, and international media have exposed the program’s enormous flaws: among other things, it is providing millions in taxpayer dollars to at least twenty schools that teach Young Earth Creationism instead of evolution; it is funding several schools that appear to lack basic infrastructure; it is propping up a school that is led by a self-appointed “apostle and prophet.”  It is funding schools that teach the Loch Ness Monster is real and disproves evolution.

And most disturbingly, Louisiana’s program is being hailed by many in the religious right as a “model” for the nation.

During the next few months, Texas and other states across the country will introduce their own programs soon, programs that will likely mirror Louisiana’s law.

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  • The GOP wants an ignorant, desperate work force. It's easier to control them. They will take any job and will be afraid to speak up in fear of their jobs. Hence all the attacks on Unions, union busting laws, Offshoring, Right to Work laws to keep workers down. Part time work for 8$ and no benefits is not the way to support a family.

  • The government should not underwrite the dumbing-down of our youth. 

  • Gindy51

    And when these kids apply for scholarships or admittance into quality higher learning institutions they will be roundly passed over or laughed at. You can't expect someone who has spent their formative years learning bull shit to ever get into a real university or college.