If at first you don't secede, try, try a petition


Question: What do these states have in common? Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee, Oregon (!), Kentucky, Montana, North Dakota, Mississippi, North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, New York, New Jersey, Colorado, Arkansas, South Carolina, and Missouri.

Answer: Their residents have expressed (at the very least) an interest (at the very least) in seceding from the United States. As you can see by the petitions above, thousands have signed on.

Why? Because apparently President Obama, not Willard Romney, is a poopy head. Or something.

Wait. New York? Joisey?

Texas, for one, may want to think about their Latino population, because I have a feeling they may disagree. As for the secessionists among us, how about you move to a hermetically sealed bubble far far away, since creating your own reality seems to be your ultimate goal. The rest of us are just fine where we are.

Per Gawker:

As unilateral secession was ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, it remains to be seen if this movement is more than a toothless temper tantrum thrown by armchair revolutionaries.

  • cognachas4paws

    Sure you will. 

    You lost the civil war.  Get over it.

  • And the SOUTH shall rise again!!!!! And as my confederate fathers fought so will I!

  • The racism of yesteryear has come full circle in our county.  The entire world embraced our choice of a black President four years ago and most nations of the world still support him.  The fringe elements of Republican sect have crept through into the mainstream once again with conservative mouthpieces planting the seeds of hate.  The only doubt lies here at home rooting from bigotry.  Watch the white hands paint Obama in Blackface at http://dregstudiosart.blogspot.com/2012/10/bamboozling-obama.html

  • cognachas4paws

    If there was another civil war, I bet you $10,000 none of these petition signers would actually fight in it.

    One question - isn't calling for secession and basically encouraging a civil war treasonous?

  • By all means, Texas, please secede.

    Without the US military to protect you, you'll be Mexico's property -- again -- in less than 72 hours . . .

  • Right? It's from Texas.

  • That last picture in the post is priceless!