VIDEO-- A gift to Obama supporters: "Here it is. Your Moment of Gloat."


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All those delusional pundits huddled in their Fox-hole predicting a Romney win are now licking their wounds, playing the blame game, claiming Superstorm Sandy gave President Obama a boost, ignoring the consensus of reliable polls, and insisting on remaining in their bubble as the world passed them by. Now, instead of admitting that their extremist agenda alienated voters, they are scratching their heads wondering what could have possibly gone so wrong.

  • Rush Limpballs at 0:59:  "All of my thhhhinking says Romney big -- not even close . . ."

    That's what happens when you let oxy fuel your thinking . . .

  • I believed in Nate Silver.  Some people don't believe in math but I do.

  • Seeing as how we NEVER were EVER "polled" by phone, cellphone, email, snail mail, or home, the mall, or anywhere......I'd LOVE to know who they WERE polling.
    (Of course being a DEM in Knoxville, Tn may have something to do with it..;-) )

  • I believed the polls weren't capturing enough of Obama's base, and were skewed by the portion of that unreached base that voted early. PS, if RWNJ's thought Superstorm Sandy was to blame, why didn't they predict a PBO victory?