Video- Fox News Contributor Compares President Obama to Nazis



  • oh just shut up !!!!
    I have never seen a more obnoxious bunch than Obama's Fans.
    I question their brains to put him in office again,but remember 50% still can't stand Obama,so we will continue to give him hell !
    So "rock" go back to your Barry Obama sites and suck up

  • If you wondered where all the hate from the RW comes from, well here it is. Rush does not represent Free Speech, he represents the abuses of the First Amendment and hides behind it so he can insult and villify college co-eds, and anyone else who doesn't espouse his philosophy of hate and bigotry. He's a name caller because he doesn't have the intellect to approach or debate the issues, so he throws out BS like birtherism and other conspirasy theories to keep the ignorant frightened enough to hate. These Neanderthals believe the Earth is still flat, Adam rode Dinosaurs, Women don't get pregnant from rape or insest and if they do they are lying about being raped, if they do get pregnant it was "God's Intention". ¬†When they say they want to "Take the Country Back" they mean back before Civil Rights (Voter Suppression), Back before Sufferage when women had no rights (1000 anti women bills passed by GOP), before technology (Drill Baby Drill) We can watch movies on our phones yet they want to continue to depend solely upon a dirty fuel which is poisoning our environment and will, especially with the added pressure on the resource by India and China, run out. Romney said "You can't put a windmill on a car" This is just the kind of ignorance which will hold this Nation back. You can't land a man on the Moon either! Oh! We Did!