VIDEO-- Desperate Karl Rove: Obama campaign suppressed the vote. Fox's Megyn Kelly: "But he won, Karl, he won."



As I've written over and over again, Republicans are masters of that old Rovian tactic called projection. If you’re not familiar with the term, it’s taking your candidate’s (or anyone’s) weaknesses and attributing them to the opposition.

Now a very desperate, very laughable Karl Rove is projecting again, but this time nobody's buying it. He sank to a new low (Is that even possible?), pathetically accusing Team Obama of -- wait for it-- voter suppression. Yes, you read that right. Watch him sliming his way to irrelevance on Fox:

As Think Progress points out, President Obama got more popular and electoral votes than Willard M. Romney and "grew his margins within certain voting blocks." Some disenfranchisement, huh?

Rove dug himself into another Fox hole. This happened:

And this, via BuzzFlash's Andrew Kaczynski:

When Fox mocks you, you know you're in trouble.

  • These pathetic people make up their own reality to explain their personal failures. Nowhere in America is there proof that Democrats were passing legislation to suppress or curtail the vote. The Cons lost because their policies are poison to the majority of Americans, they lied to the point where no one trusts them, they insulted or alienated Blacks, Browns, Women, Gays, Unions, Workers, Elderly, Students and then blamed Hurricane Sandy for their loss. They are so lost in their alternate reality that there is no hope for them. They held the House through Gerrymandering and think they have grounds to continue to obstruct this economy to protect a few rich Americans, at the cost of everyone else. They will never increase their demographic this way as no one trusts them. They are the party of lip service and will do nothing to improve this economy for workers, immigrents, returning veterans, graduating students, seniors who still wish to work. They are interested in two things, greed and power. They would pass legislation based upon their own personal opinions while ignoring the people who sent them to Washington. They believe they can pass laws controlling womens bodies and health options, who can marry, what rights we have in the work place, equal pay for women. They want a Right to Work Nation, a nation of part timers with no benefits, no health care and no voice. Look at how they coerced their own employees to vote Republican or else. They work for the people, yet signed a pledge to a lobbiest and shit on their oath to the Nation. This party is poison and the antidote is our vote.

  • cognachas4paws

    Irony alert:  The 1% got a 1% return on their investment.