Video- Karl Rove Has Meltdown Over Calling Ohio For President Obama


Poor Karl, the math is soooo hard. Via.

  • dtorney

    The call was right; Rove can't face facts.  Thanks, Ohio; may you always make a wise choice -- and not just be silly putty in the hands of political operatives.

  • mellowjohn

    seeing kkkarl melt down last night, all i could think of was mortimer duke at the end of "trading places."

    and seeing donald trump tweet his way into even bigger asshole-dom was hu-u-u-uge.

  • WordSmith

    I lived in Cuyahoga County for a time; one - it's heavily democratic, heavily. Cleveland and surrounding suburbs have suffered, fucking suffered closure of industry - LTV Steel for one.  It'd be different if they had been calling it for Romney.  We watched FOX News for a bit, flipping back & forth between CNN, C-SPAN, MSNBC, & Fox.  Bill O'Reilly's comment on minorities voting for Obama because they want stuff and they're going to elect someone who will give them stuff.... stuff?  Like what? Roads, parks, libraries, veteran benefits, social security, medical care, et al.

    We watched Valkyrie last night, between spots of news coverage, with Tom Cruise, Izzy Lizard!, Tom Wilkinson, etc., fascinating.

  • Magginkat

    Eat your miserable heart out Karl Rove..... you Nazi, election stealing pile of horse manure!  Likewise for Mitch McConnell, Kentucky racist a**hole who made it his goal for life to restrict Obama to one term.  Why don't both of your good old white boys ride off into the sunset already? We, the real Americans are thoroughly sick of seeing your ugly faces.