PhotOH! Store signs "mourn" outcome of presidential election


(Elizabeth Harrington/WDBJ7)

Via out of Virginia. This jewelry store is located in Bedford.

Another sign read:

"Will reopen tomorrow to continue the fight against a president who seeks my demise."

The owner(s) must be one of the crowd who vows to “wage a war to put tea party in charge of Republican Party.”

Imagine how they'd feel after four years of a President Romney had he been able to implement his policies (whatever they were). Without access to affordable health care, his/her demise might have come before having the chance to post those signs.

President Obama won Virginia:

You can find more photos at the link.

H/t: Andy Marquis

  • mellowjohn


  • Jaym Esch

    If I spot a single store doing anything of this sort here in Lansing (not likely, since we're blue)- I WILL be there in the middle of the night with spray paint leaving a "GOING OUT OF BUSINESS" message on the front.

    This is beyond the role of a company, and also preposterously inane.

  • A business owner allergic to progress. The U.S is NOT a good place for such allergies.

  • I feel very embarrassed for this man, his employees and his family.

  • Hahaha...
    You know how to tell this guy is in need of mental health assistance?  Because a real business person, with a real and healthy business would NEVER close his doors and take the revenue loss.  But of course, I would suspect he doesn't feel he has much to lose because business is bad, and that can't be his fault, can it?

    Bad business people can become good business people, if your mind is healthy.  However, bad business people with "issues" will remain bad business people and blame the gub'mint all the way to the poor house (and food stamps).