Conservatives blast Romney, vow to "wage a war to put tea party in charge of Republican Party"




Psst! Heritage Foundation: THIS is what a "mandate" looks like:

Tea baggers are mad at the Mitt Romney who didn't "articulate" conservatism distinctly enough for them. They much prefer "severely conservative" Mitt, but you know how Willard is. One minute he sounds like he's so far to the right that even Allen West would be proud to support him, but the next he Etch A Sketches himself into a moderate corner. Until the next minute when he flips back into self-deportation mode.

During the primary, he was Personhood Guy. He reeked of rightie ideology. He communicated in Teabagese. But as of Debate Number One, he was Moderate Mitt. What's a tea party-er to do?

The Hill:

They vowed to wage a war to put the Tea Party in charge of the Republican Party by the time it nominates its next presidential candidate.

The battle to take over the Republican Party begins today and the failed Republican leadership should resign,” said Richard Viguerie, a top activist and chairman of

He said the lesson on Romney’s loss to President Obama on Tuesday is that the GOP most “never again” nominate a “a big government established conservative for president.”

Jenny Beth Martin of Tea Party Patriots ...  described Romney as a “weak, moderate candidate hand-picked by the country club elite Republican establishment.”

Did they not see who was defeated last night? Todd Akin. Richard Mourdock. Allen West. Did they not see who won? Elizabeth Warren. Alan Grayson. Sherrod Brown.

Do they not yet see that their narrow-minded, nasty, bigoted, self-righteous, hypocritical, catastrophic policies are bad for this country, for their own party?  Clearly they don't.

Jenny Beth Martin declared, “This is not the death of the Tea Party." Richard Viguerie pledged, “Tea Partiers will take over the Republican party in the next four years."

Hey Jenny Beth and Richard-- That sound you hear is reality trying to knock down your door.

And now these extremists are collectively swearingtogod that they'll pressure Republicans in Congress to refuse to compromise (again), because, you know, backwards has worked out so well for them.

  • mc1964

    This is what it looks like when conservatives don't learn from their mistakes. Being
    extremist didn't work? Let's be even more extreme! 

  • dwharbin

    They will be the death of the GOP,,,wouldn't that be apropo,,,

  • Which Tea Party would that be? The one started by average citizens or the brand that was co-opted by right wing money men like the Koch brothers? Either way, the Tea Party is finished and has been for years. How many times have you guys heard their names mentioned during this election? Hardly ever.

  • Ah yes....the Tea People...are they still here???

  • Too late!

  • mellowjohn

    shhhhh, laffy. don't discourage them. as steve gilliard said, when your opponents are drowning THROW 'EM AN ANCHOR!