Romney-Ryan's fear of the press


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Willard M. Romney’s real closing argument is M.I.A. Why? Because his closing argument is “Don’t ask, because I won’t tell.” He won’t answer a question because he has no answers. And he has no answers because his policies are inferior, destructive to Americans, would sink this country, are discriminatory, and don’t actually exist anyway. Romnesia’s like that.

Details? What are those? Details schmetails.

Facts? What are those? Facts schmacts.

Integrity? What’s that? Integrity inschmegrity.

Amazingly, Romney hasn’t held an interview in over three weeks. Think about that. A candidate for president of the United States, leader of the free world, is afraid of the press.

That's pretty important. Think about it for a moment. The guy who wants to lead the country won't give the people of his country details about his tax returns, his policies, won't answer questions, lies a lot, and-- ta-daaa!-- refuses to give interviews.

Now his running mate is following suit. Politico is reporting that Paul Ryan has gone dark:

[S]ince the week of the vice presidential debate, Ryan has gone dark on battleground reporters — doing no local television and only a handful of network interviews and syndicated radio shows. [...]

Ryan aides shot down the theory that Ryan avoided local interviews to dodge Mourdock-related questions, saying flatly that wasn’t true.

Romney and Ryan aides instead argued that the vice presidential nominee no longer needed the earned media in the final days of the campaign as much as he did when Ryan plucked him out of virtual obscurity to those outside-the-Beltway [...]

In explaining the sudden dip in Ryan’s presence on local television airwaves, campaign aides pointed to the fact that Vice President Joe Biden rarely sits for local interviews.

Using the old, "Well THEY do it!" isn't exactly effective, let alone credible.

Truth is, they just don't want him opening his big ultra-conservative mouth before Tuesday, just as Romney has avoided questions like the plague. They both know they'd bungle it, plus both prefer to keep us all in the dark about those pesky specifics that they know would turn voters off quicker than they can Etch their next Sketch.

Rachel Maddow noticed "Where's Pauldo's" diminishing presence back on October 26th:

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“The election is a week from Tuesday. You’re in Alabama? Is Alabama swinging this year?”