VIDEO: Mitt Romney equates a "devastating, gigantic, national disaster" with "helping Mitt Romney get elected."


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Rachel Maddow blasted Mitt Romney and his fake-"storm relief event" as the self-serving, opportunistic, exploitative sham that it was. This is who Republican voters would be proud to have as their next president? Really?

"Mr. Romney never stopped campaigning..."

"It would be coarse to keep campaigning... They  had to seem like they were being sensitive to the [Hurricane Sandy] crisis"

"The Red Cross does not want your cans, they want your money. And your blood donations."

"This is a real disaster. This is not a plot in a sit-com about how to run for president. This is a real disaster, an ongoing, affecting millions of Americans. And real help really is needed. And that is not the same thing as using the suffering of millions of Americans as an occasion to accrue political capital for yourself by trying to create the appearance that you are helping when you are not bothering to actually try to really help. That is something very different.

"Helping people who are suffering with their lives in danger because our fellow Americans have been affected by a devastating, gigantic, national disaster in our biggest population center is pretty much the same thing as-- helping Mitt Romney get elected! Pretty much the same thing, right? We all come together, right?"