What the HELL is wrong with Comcast?


Since Tuesday around noon, I cannot get MSNBC on my televisions. None. If and when for a brief moment it comes on, it glitches (digital freezes) in and out, then goes blank again. When I realized it was JUST MSNBC I checked and yes, CNBC is out too, but I don't give a crap about that channel, just my damn MSNBC! I've plugged and unplugged, gotten zapped by Customer Service and had my head patted by various and sundry, told to be a good girl ad wait until Thursday for a "service" man to come out. I have had MSNBC on my television for at least 8 years, maybe more, but THIS week it's too weak of a signal to make it to Mishawaka, Indiana? What do they think the "service" man can do over here as opposed to where the signal is coming from?

Any suggestions?

  • This is an example of Comcast's bait and switch scam. A ploy to force you to "upgrade" to a more expensive package. Dump Comcast.

  • Paddy

     Thanks so much for letting me know I'm not alone. Just too frustrating.

  • jillibrown

    We've routinely had the same problem because of the location of the cable feed and the distance it has to travel to our house - and similarly, it's always MSNBC that fades first.  They've typically run new cable to our house and put a booster jack on our cable, and it seems to work...until the next time.