Video- MN CD 06 Debate: Audience roars in laughter when Michele Bachmann claims she doesn't do political speeches


Because I knew you missed her. RCP has her up by 7, but with her opponent having a couple really good outlier polls. Hard to imagine with that kind of response and the devastating cartoon below from Steve Sack of the Minneapolis Star. Anyone know anything more about the campaign?


  • This Katherine Harris lookalike has had way more than her 15 minutes of infamy. Time for her to head out to pasture

  • Sally

    Oh, but doesn't she dress well and have nice hair? So her eyes remind you of the living dead; we aren't all perfect.
      Honestly, if this woman goes back to Congress, along with Akin and the rest of the numbskulls, I think we ought to look at a two country solution. They can starve their government and collect NO taxes, and run their own wars. We'll have good roads, schools, respect women and everyone else, take care of our know, what used to be important ideals before the flag-wavers and snake handlers tried to take over. Heck, we might even ban assault weapons, once and for all.