Video- Toxic John McCain Spews Venom At President Obama Over Libya


I was totally speechless when I first heard this. There's alot of hate in there. Via Think Progress.

  • When it becomes typical for a Republican to lie during a campaign. To snipe from the sidelines while an International Crisis is unfolding, or continue to lie about said crisis during a National Disaster. To disenfranchise millions of elderly, poor and student voters just before a National Election in the absence of in person voter fraud. what does that tell you about this party? They stand for nothing, cater to their wealthy donors, the people who were devistated by loss of equity, loss of jobs, loss of pensions, the demographic who really took the brunt of the economic crash caused by Wall Street, are ignored. In addition, these asswipes will try to squeeze the last peso out of the working class because they signed a pledge with a lobbiest (Norquist) to protect the rich. Wake up America, Wake up Republicans if you think they have your best interests at heart. If you're a millionaire I understand, but if you are a working man and still vote Republican, you are driven by either of two things, stupidity or bigotry.

  • cognachas4paws

    McCain is a hateful, spiteful man who, like the Alaskan Chill-billy he unleashed on this country, still holds a grudge from the 2008 campaign.  He is bitter and goes after President Obama at every turn.  When McCain came out against Mourdock last week, I saw comments on some sites where people were applauding him and were likening it to the moment in the 2008 campaign when a woman called Obama an Arab and McCain let her know she was wrong.  I knew, however, that we'd soon see the bitter man McCain has turned into and, lo and behold, here he is.  He is a shell of his former self and his bitterness at not achieving the presidency has led him to go "all in" with the crazies in his party when he could have stayed true to his nickname of "Maverick" and stood up to them.

    He gets no respect from me and will garner no more of my attention.