PhotOH! New Yorker: Mitt Romney's tattoos. Oh, and new poll says Pres. Obama leads in Ohio 51-47



And this just in, via PPP:

PPP's newest Ohio poll finds Barack Obama leading Mitt Romney 51-47, up from a 49-48 margin a week ago.

It's starting to look like Obama might have turned the corner with his wins in the second and third debates. ... Obama's approval is on positive ground at 51/48, while Romney's favorability is in negative territory at 47/51. Ohioans trust Obama over Romney on both the economy (52/46) and foreign policy (54/44).

Obama's built up a big lead among early voters in the state.

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I love this post.

  • David G

    From my personal book of wishful thinking comes this chapter:  Obama wins big!!!  I have personally felt for a long time that part of the tactics by the Dems to overcome the voter suppression tricks of the Repubs was to scare voters into doing what they should -- vote.  It was to make Democrats believe they could lose and get off their asses and vote -- while bringing a friend to do the same.  And with turnout will come an Obama landslide.  Forget the Republican South -- they wouldn't vote for free money for life if it was a Democrat who proposed it.  They live in a bubble, as Bill Mahr would say. So give that quarter of the country up to straw man candidate Romney.  The rest of America is up for grabs and Obama will prevail -- IF the big storm doesn't get the people to stay home.   That's why early voting is so important.  You can never tell what might happen naturally that could cause a lack of voter turnout.  DG

  • Funny, I find myself wishing there was another debate.  Sport was finally fun to watch.  Bam!  Pow!  

    Mr. Blondetwit is afraid to go to Dem Central on election night next week.  'Course, he was last election too, and that was a nearly spiritual experience watching the returns come in, and McCain/Palin go down in flames.