2011 VIDEO- Mitt Romney: Federal disaster relief "immoral." Tell that to Hurricane Sandy victims.


Remember this moment from the GOP primary?

As I watched the Sunday talk shows today, I got angrier and more frustrated wondering how any voter could support the Romney-Ryan ticket. Romney would appoint Supreme Court justices who would deny women the most basic rights and who would encourage that so-called "small government" the GOP claims to revere so much the right to make women's most private, personal medical decisions their own.

And now that Hurricane Sandy is upon us, it's time to emphasize that if Romney and Ryan got their way, FEMA would be a thing of the past.

Privatizing this country is a priority for Team Romney, but they fail to explain that making money puts the needs of Americans second, because profits and the bottom line are all private businesses care about. For example, if education were privatized, educating kids wouldn't matter nearly as much as how much cash schools could pull in. The future of our children and this country would be jeopardized while corporate earnings would soar.

So try to imagine what would happen if the U.S. government were forced to hand over disaster aid to a private company.

As my Twitter pal Malacandra just tweeted:


Via Mother Jones:

The Ryan budget makes no mention of FEMA or the Department of Homeland Security of which it's a part. In fact it makes no mention of any specific cuts to non-entitlement programs. We can't say for sure, in other words, the extent to which disaster funding would be scaled back. But the overall math suggests that it would be drastic. [...]

Romney's own proposed budget (which like Ryan's fails to identify specific cuts) would create much the same bind.

Willard M. Romney: From binders to bind.

H/t: The National Memo