Chrysler: Romney is wrong, Jeep is not leaving for China. "It's a leap that would be difficult even for professional circus acrobats."



What?! Willard M. Romney lie? Mislead? Stretch the truth? Mangle facts? Make stuff up?

Gee, ya think?

His latest was at a campaign rally in Defiance, Ohio during which he claimed Jeep was planning to move production overseas.

No, Willard, that's something you would do, not Jeep. Or as I like to call it, being Sensata'd. Project much?

By the way, Jeep got $80-billion during the auto bailout. Romney doesn't approve of such things, even though Obama managed to turn around the auto industry... although Mitt has no qualms about giving an economic speech at a company that received stimulus funds from the very program he labeled a failure.

Via The Hill:

Chrysler is not moving Jeep production from Ohio to China despite claims by Mitt Romney's presidential campaign, the auto company said.


In his speech to supporters in Ohio, Romney cited the Bloomberg report in attempt to push back on attacks from President Obama for his opposition to the bailout that was given to Chrysler and General Motors in 2008 and 2009. Obama has seized on an op-ed Romney wrote in the New York Times that was titled "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt" to argue that he was not in favor of the preservation of the U.S. auto industry, which many jobs in Ohio are tied to.

Chrysler spokesman Gualberto Ranieri:

"Despite clear and accurate reporting, the take has given birth to a number of stories making readers believe that Chrysler plans to shift all Jeep production to China from North America, and therefore idle assembly lines and U.S. workforce. It is a leap that would be difficult even for professional circus acrobats. Let’s set the record straight: Jeep has no intention of shifting production of its Jeep models out of North America to China..."

"Circus," the man said. How apt.