Election results for Ohio could take weeks, a potential "nightmare voting scenario."


Thank you Republican Ohio Secretary of State Husted, who also got good news from a judge who ruled in his favor about firing two election officials.

Here's more of what Husted is doing to Ohio:

The official results from Ohio could come weeks after election day due to new rules about absentee and provisional ballots, potentially holding up the official outcome of the presidential election, according to a report on a potential "nightmare voting scenario" by the Cincinnati Inquirer.

Livewire has the depressing details.

And don't get me started on that Voting Machine Company Tied to Mitt Romney and Bain Capital…, or that “retired NSA analyst who proved the GOP is stealing elections”.

  • Uranus

    Laffy, Oklahoma was always overwhelmingly democratic until 1963, the year John Kennedy was assassinated.

    In 1963, Oklahoma "elected" its first republican governor, Henry Louis Bellmon, properly described as a "dim bulb" or "dull tool." Bellmon served in the U.S. Senate and a second term as governor 1987-1991.

    Since then, Oklahoma has been regarded as the reddest of the red, with the GOP carrying every county in the state in the last gubernatorial election. The result, Mary Fallin, one of the biggeest balloon brains I've ever seen.

    You can't tell me Oklahoma's elections aren't rigged, or haven't been rigged since Bellmon's first term. You can't tell me there are nothing but republicans living in Oklahoma, particularly since I have real trouble finding anyone who admits to voting for the terrible candidates the republicans continue to produce.