PhotOH! Look who's still on Richard Mourdock's Facebook page! God must have willed it.


Yes, this image of Romney and his BFF is still right up at the top of Mourdock's Facebook page. Read it and weep, Willard, your endorsement has been documented and recorded forever. (H/t: @EthylRosenberg)

Refresher course:

As Paddy posted previously:

NEW ALBANY, Ind. — Indiana Republican Senate candidate Richard Mourdock says when a woman is impregnated during a rape, “it’s something God intended.”

And here's Mitt's memorable and heartfelt endorsement:

Let's not forget that Paul Ryan’s PAC gave $5000 to “Rape Pregnancy Is Something God Intended” Mourdock’s campaign.


  • flan59

    This is causing extreme trauma to sexual assault survivors, and society as a whole, when the act of rape is used as a rhetorical pawn in the game of chess to control women's lives.

    This issue at hand, really is NOT about abortion, it is about EQUALITY!

    The fundamental question is: Does the woman, or does the STATE, control if, when, and how many times she will become a mother?

    The answer is obvious, to me anyway.

    Yet, this debate continues to go down the "rape rabbit hole", as I have been calling it.  Rape is being used as an acceptable exception to an unacceptable infringement on a woman's fundamental freedom as a citizen of this country. And now more MEN are speaking out against that! 

    I was lucky. I fought off my attacker at the point of a gun.  I came THIS close to being raped, and I won't go into the details here. Others were not so lucky.  Imagine how traumatized the millions of women who have been sexually assaulted feel, being used this way, and having to relive their assault again, and again, because they cannot get away from that particular "R" word.

    The worst of it, is the way rape survivors are being used. We are just everyone. And it takes the attention away from the fundamental question I posed above.

    So, I won't have any of it anymore, and I am asking all of the women's rights supporters to do the same.  If anyone brings up when life begins or brings up any argument for any restrictions beyond Roe v Wade, I just go back to my fundamental question I posed above. 

    This is not about abortion or birth control.  When women control their reproduction, they control their futures, their very destiny. To legislate that way is oppression.

    If everyone remembered that, perhaps this whole debate would be over, and all of the volunteer and paid efforts that is spent to oppress women, could instead go toward helping women.  Perhaps helping to find a way for a woman to continue the pregnancy if she wants to but is in a financial bind, or needs to get away from an abusive situation, or whatever it is. Help them with daycare afterwards, and doctor bills.  

    And then, perhaps, the only time we would talk about rape would be when we discuss how to END it.

    Then... perhaps... the flashbacks of my own sexual assault will start to go back to the recesses of my brain where I had been keeping them somewhat successfully until I kept hearing that particular "R" word at ever increasing intervals since 2010.

    Please read this, even though I pretty much said it all here...

  • Mourdock, Akin and others with this rape fascination must not get elected. They have no place in 21st century discourse. 

  • This looks like a rogue's gallery.  Creepy people doing creepy things. #rapeublicans