W. Virginia disabled veteran: "Tell you what Mr. Romney, you give me back my legs,and I'll get a job so you won't have to worry."


The Marietta Times printed this letter to the editor from a veteran who finds Mitt Romney to be highly offensive. We have that in common:

Dear Mr. Romney,

On behalf of all Ohio and West Virginia Disabled Veterans I apologize for being a Tax Slacker. Yep, you said that 47% of Americans don't pay our fair share and that we are the problem. Tax Slackers. It is a sad thing to admit that my Veterans disability benefits are not taxed. I am equally ashamed of my aged parents living it up on all of that Social Security and Medicare untaxed benefits they are receiving. Also, I really must have my daughter drop out of college and get a job of mowing the lawn at your country club so she can pay her fair share too. The world doesn't need any more doctors or teachers or skilled trades anymore. I'll tell you what Mr. Romney, you give me back my legs,and I'll get a job so you won't have to worry about anything as you sail away on your yacht.

Mack McHale


Romney and his disgusting sense of entitlement  should be clear to 100 percent of America by now. Mack McHale, we voters owe you a big thank you for getting right to the heart of the matter in such a passionate, poignant way.

And we also owe you a big thank you for your service. Romney was too busy demonstrating in favor of the draft and sending others off to fight and die in wars--not to mention talking about the 47% behind their backs-- to worry about "you people" and your own challenges and sacrifices.

Standing O.

H/t: @Cluelessbetty