Virginia Dems ask Justice Dep't. to investigate GOP firm for alleged voter fraud


It has now been widely reported for some time that Strategic Allied Consulting was hired to register voters in Florida, Virginia, Colorado, North Carolina and Nevada. Mitt Romney paid political consultant and longtime GOP operative Nathan Sproul owns the firm.

It has also been widely reported that Strategic Allied Consulting has been engaging in fraudulent GOP registration efforts.

Someone do something already! Oh wait:

The Hill: Several Virginia Democrats have asked the Justice Department to investigate allegations of voter fraud surrounding a GOP firm working in the Old Dominion and other battleground states.

Reps. Jim Moran, Bobby Scott and Jerry Connolly say recent allegations of registration fraud by Strategic Allied Consulting in Florida — combined with last week's voter-fraud arrest of a Republican operative linked to the firm in Virginia — merit a federal probe to determine if the episodes "are connected and constitute a broader conspiracy of voter registration fraud." [...]

Founded this year by longtime Republican strategist Nathan Sproul, Strategic Allied Services was paid millions of dollars by the Republican Party to manage get-out-the-vote efforts in swing states including Florida, Virginia, Colorado, North Carolina and Nevada.[...]

"While the Republican National Committee and five state committees have severed their relationship with Strategic Allied Consulting, we are concerned that the alleged illegal practices may be continuing under its subsidiary Pinpoint," the lawmakers wrote to Holder.

It's about time someone gets busted for all these repeated attempts to suppress the vote. And it's about time we nationalize our voting laws.

  • It seems to me that we are rapidly converging on a need for a National ID. 

    Universal voter registration ... that is, if you're a citizen then you are registered to vote period ... would be a good thing. Meanwhile, anti-immigration forces seem to favor citizenship-proving ID meeting national standards but issued by states. Lots of people want a national concealed-carry permit. IDs for travel on aircraft already have national standards. Etc.

    So let me propose a bargain: create a nonpartisan national ID body that issues a photo ID with thumbprint to every citizen, to be used for voter registration, passport, medicare/medicaid ID and any other purpose a state thinks useful, e.g. concealed carry permits or fishing licenses. 

    Voter registration would be automatic at the stated address. You move from state A to state B, get a new ID and your registrations change automagically. (If you go to prison, your voting rights are suspended while in custody, but when you're out, you've paid your debt and become a functioning, voting part of society.) You become a citizen (by birth or naturalization) you get a card. I'd bet cash money that the long-run expense would be much less than the current Rube Goldberg system. 

    The catch is that to require it for voting, we would have to allow enough time for everyone to get one. Let's say 4 years. And we'd have to all people with no proof of citizenship, but who are obviously citizens, a way. There are MANY elderly who have no birth certificates, either due to home birth or to the burning down of county records. Denying them the vote would be wrong.

    There used to be many civil liberties concerns about such a thing, but we're rather past that stage; big gummint already has all the information it wants on us (...and if it doesn't, Google Earth does ...) so why not provide each citizen with something that lets us use our information too?

  • Virginia Dems ask Justice Dep’t. to investigate GOP firm for alleged voter fraud

    But remember kids, it's only ACORN that commits voter fraud . . .