VIDEO: President Obama to take questions from young voters on MTV


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I'd love to see Mitt Romney in the MTV hot seat. He'd sweat a lot, awkwardly borrow more of President Obama's answers, plead Romnesia, laugh nervously, recite "America the Beautiful" (or maybe do a rap version?), and then wonder why everyone was pointing and laughing.

The show will air Friday, October 26 at 5 p.m. ET (tape delayed PT):

CNN-- Obama will field questions from college students in Washington, D.C. and via Facebook, MTV said, in a conversation facilitated by the network's news correspondents.

"MTV's 'ASK OBAMA LIVE: an MTV Interview with the President' marks the first time in this campaign that either President Obama or Governor Romney have focused solely on young voter's top concerns - including jobs, the cost of college, rising student loan debt, social issues like LGBTQ rights, and immigration, to name a few - on a nationally televised program," MTV said in a statement.

MTV asked Romney to do a similar half hour special, too, along with a "sit down interview" before Election Day.

Don't hold your breath.

MTV has more.